36 Durham Street

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Flesherton|MLS #40370918
36 Durham Street
5 Bedrooms + 1.5 Baths||2,150 Sq Ft
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Home is where the heart is
You'll love this home and I'm certain your family will too. Escape to this charming home and serene one-of-a-kind property featuring over 200' of the Boyne River flowing through the backyard. With many recent updates, it still retains its historical character.
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Cozy & Bright
Once used as Doc Robinson's office, the living room is situated adjacent to the powder room and just off the foyer. With plenty of natural light pouring in from the outdoors, it's the perfect spot to cozy up and delve into your preferred book.
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Create memorable meals together at home
With the kitchen as the centerpiece, the home is designed to bring people together. Whether it's a holiday feast, a simple dinner with friends, or a casual gathering around the breakfast bar while baking cookies, this kitchen is the perfect space for making memories that will last a lifetime.
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Indulge in the happiness that fills your heart
This room offers a wonderful view that's sure to captivate you. While taking in the picturesque scene of the backyard and the flowing river, you can bask in the cozy warmth of the gas fireplace. And what could be better than sharing a meal with your loved ones and enjoying that warm, feel-good vibe?
bar featuring light hardwood floors, pendant lighting, and dark countertops
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Creating Room to Grow Together
For family members who might have previously shared bedrooms or even living spaces with one another, having a home with plenty of bedrooms can be a truly emotional experience. It represents a new level of comfort, privacy, and independence that can make them feel more secure and confident as they navigate their lives.

It's a place where everyone can feel valued, appreciated, and loved, creating a strong emotional connection that can last a lifetime.
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Give Yourself a Break: Take a Timeout
There's a sense of satisfaction in being able to enjoy something simple and pleasurable like a cup of coffee, without having to rush through it or multitask while drinking it. It's a chance to savor the aroma and taste of the coffee, to feel the warmth of the cup in their hands, and to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.
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Watch your favorites with your favorites
Family movie night is more than just watching a movie; it's a time to slow down, disconnect from the outside world, and truly be present with your loved ones.

Snacks are shared and enjoyed as the movie progresses, and the conversations that follow the movie provide an opportunity for deeper connections and bonding. You get to discuss the lessons learned and the parallels to your own lives.
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Outdoor life for every season
Make your way across the bridge to reach your personal "island", and continue onward over the wooden beam to reach the amazing hidden area at the rear of the property. You can relish the company of loved ones while sharing s'mores around the firepit, and creating cherished family moments that will endure for years to come.

The enclosed backyard is an ideal location to keep both children and pets secure.
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The 3-level detached garage, has transformed into a multi-functional space. It now serves as a games room, a kids' hangout area, a workshop, and a gym for family to indulge in their hobbies and passions. It's remarkable how this simple structure has become an extension of the home.

Alternatively, you can avoid the snowy outdoors by parking in the garage and using the other two levels to pursue your hobbies.

Truly, the garage is more than just a physical structure - it's a space filled with memories, laughter, and love, and there's always enough room for everyone to share in those precious moments.
An amazing community awaits
This property's superb community is made all the more enjoyable by the wonderful people you'll meet while out and about. Whether you're walking your dog around town, or headed to the local bakery or restaurant for a bite, the arena for hockey or the outdoor rink for a skate, you'll be greeted with a smile.

Swim or paddle around at Flesherton Pond on a hot summer day or hike the trail up the street, adjacent to the elementary & high schools.

No matter what the season, you'll love where you live when you're here.
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The layouts of both the main and second floors provide abundant space for a family that is expanding, with each member having their own individual room.

In addition, there 's sufficient room for a home office and additional space for overnight guests from out of town.
Room to Roam
If the teenager in the house doesn't claim it first, the finished 3rd floor attic could make for a perfect primary suite.

The lower level provides access to the fenced backyard and has the potential to be transformed into a separate living space.

The opportunities within this lovely home are boundless, or you can relish it in its present splendor.
The finished attic plus a finished lower level
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